Manufacturing trusses since 1986.
We recognize the unique and diverse needs of every job.

55,000 sq. ft. Plant for both Residential and Commercial Projects


The latest enhancements to our Truss Manufacturing Project, a significant investment that enhances our capabilities:

  • Additional Covered Production Space
  • Automation of 120′ North Gantry Assembly Table
  • New Roller Press
  • Addition of High Capacity Linear Saw
  • Ability to handle Increased Demand — Reduced Turnaround Times — Enhanced Precision

…Why Buy from Kimal?

Our level of expertise in the Truss manufacturing industry adds up to hundreds of years of experience among the experts working at the Kimal Lumber.

The Kimal Truss Center distinguishes itself through a combination of quality design, advanced technology, and exceptional customer service. Our design process ensures that each truss is constructed with precision and durability, meeting stringent industry standards and ensuring the structural integrity of homes. Advanced technology, including computer-aided design software and automated machinery, allows for efficient production processes, precise measurements, and the ability to customize trusses to meet specific architectural requirements. This technological edge not only enhances the accuracy and consistency of the products but also speeds up production times, allowing us to meet tight project deadlines.

Additionally, exceptional customer service is a hallmark of Kimal Lumber. Our willingness to collaborate closely with architects, builders, and contractors to ensure that the trusses meet all project specifications and requirements sets us apart from other companies. We also provide expert guidance and support throughout the design and installation process, helping our customers navigate any challenges that arise. By combining high-quality products, state-of-the-art technology, and outstanding customer service, Kimal Truss has built a strong reputation and lasting relationships within the construction industry.

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