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Veronica Carpenter


AN INTERVIEW WITH….  Veronica Carpenter  

How does it feel to be at Kimal Lumber for 18 years? Wow, 18 years….

Crazy right?  18 years is a long time, we have certainly seen a lot.  Alot of faces have come and gone but ALSO still see faces that have been here since the very beginning.  I am very proud of myself and all the co-workers, here at Kwad and throughout Kimal.  

Where did you grow up? Go to school?   

I grew up right here in Venice, graduated from Venice High School. 

This is just for fun, but this is called “The First Four”:

  1. What is the first music album you purchased or received? AC/DC
  2. What is the first concert you attended?  Joan Jet
  3. What is the first car you owned? 1972 Datsun 280Z
  4. What is the first job you had? Patches Restaurant in Venice

What jobs at Kimal did you hold before becoming Kimal Window & Door Branch Manager?

  1. Administrative Sales Assistant
  2. Assistant Branch Manager

What’s your favorite part of your Branch Manager role?

Sometimes the challenge is very stressful but also very rewarding when everything goes as it should.  I have a great Team that knows their job and they do it very well! 

Would you like to comment on why you’ve stayed with Kimal for 18 years, and counting?

I have had no reason to look elsewhere, I love my job and the people I work with.  It’s so beneficial to have the outstanding work ethic in all of those around me.   

Congratulations on being awarded “Most Improved Branch for 2023” by Gulfeagle Supply, out of 116 branches within the company! What would you say were the main reasons for your significant and impressive improvement over the prior year?

 The Sales Team had a huge part in it, from there we took over and were able to accomplish outstanding numbers.  Everyone stepped up, from quoting to ordering to processing to deliveries.  This was a Team effort done by All. 

What about family members….and how do you spend your leisure time? 

As newbie nesters, my husband and I like to spend as much time as we can with our kids, who are now adults and grandbabies.  They are the joy in our lives.  We like adventures and spending time outdoors riding either the motorcycle or the side by side with friends.  Our next trip is already planned for Tennessee in the fall.