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Lisa Ammerman


AN INTERVIEW WITH….  Lisa Ammerman

How does it feel to be at Kimal Lumber for 22 years? Wow, 22 years…. It feels like time flies! When I was younger, I was never at one job for more than 10 years, before deciding it was time for a change. I guess Kimal has always kept me on my toes, growing and evolving with my job, so it’s lasted well past ten years! 

Where did you grow up? Go to school?  Being a Navy brat, our family moved every 2-3 years so my elementary schools went from east coast to west coast, and then 2 different high schools in California. After college I visited Newport, Rhode Island and ended up there for 10 years working for a marina. After that 10 years in England (married a Brit) working for Vision Express. My husband and I moved to Englewood in 2011 after discovering the area through my mother and we’ve been here ever since. 

This is just for fun, but this is called “The First Four”:

  1. What is the first music album you purchased or received?   Led Zepplin III
  2. What is the first concert you attended?   Black Sabbath in San Diego, CA
  3. What is the first car you owned?   AMC Pacer
  4. What is the first job you had? Aside from teenage babysitting, during college summers my first job was inspecting and sorting films/negatives at a one-day photo developer, it was the night shift and not easy staying awake!

What jobs at Kimal did you hold before working in marketing /admin? I was first hired by the manager of the Nokomis Lumberyard as his assistant. When he became General Manager, I was his assistant in operations, sales and administration as well as helping the President Al Bavry with memos and correspondence.

What’s your favorite part of your marketing/admin role?  That’s easy to answer, it’s handling the Kimal Kate marketing, because it’s “my baby” and it’s probably the most creative and somewhat unique way of promoting the Kimal brand.

What’s the most “memorable” experience you’ve had while at work here? (Amazing story?)  One that first comes to mind is what I still call the “miracle” that happened with our Kimal benefit golf tournament in 2017. The tournament was Sept. 16, but on Sept 10th the Cat 3 hurricane Irma hit, landfall Marco Island remember, but we were lucky here and didn’t get the worst of it, although lots of power outages and damage, downed trees, etc. I had evacuated to Atlanta so as the organizer, it seemed impossible that the tournament would still happen so soon after the hurricane. But I made it back down here two days later and the Capri Isles Golf Club managed to clear the debris off the course, they had power. Just using my cell phone, I checked with all the golfers and we scrambled together with a lot of substitutes, so we still had that tournament just six days after Irma. Not only that, but it turned out to be the highest fundraising record for the tournament in 15 years. It was an incredible show of caring and teamwork by Capri and everyone involved to “get back to normal” and play golf for a great charity so soon after the storm!

Would you like to comment on why you’ve stayed with Kimal for 22 years, and counting? It’s the Kimal culture where individuals are encouraged to speak out, learn and grow within a flexible and nurturing environment. Independent, local businesses like Kimal allow for a freedom that big corporations can’t….so I was permitted to launch Kimal Kate, and encouraged to be creative and throw out new ideas to thank our customers for their business as well as increase brand awareness and sales. The people who work here with me are the best, too.     

What about family members….and how do you spend your leisure time?  My husband and I (married 34 years) like to spend our spare time gardening, kayaking, traveling out West, and exploring wilderness. As a hobby, I’m a fiction writer of short stories and novels.