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September 2022

Where does the Time Go?

Where Does the Time Go?

As I get older, the years seem to go by much quicker. Every year, I sit back and reflect and ask the same question to myself…. Where does the time go? Kind of a foolish question, as we all know time doesn’t move faster with any particular year, but it just feels that way. Maybe it has to do with the number of responsibilities or obligations one has when they age? Who knows?

Now here we are in December, and if there is any month that flies by in a flash, it is the month of December. In December you spend most of your time focused on the holidays. The shopping, the parties, the traveling, the school events, etc. You mix that in with work and everyday responsibilities, the next thing you know, you’re in the new year! We look back and say the same thing…. where did the time go? 

Time moves as fast as we do sometimes. If we are constantly moving and or busy, it seems time is moving just as fast. The same goes for when you are not busy…. the day can seem to drag on. For me I find myself just a tad disappointed when the holidays end, because I did not take the time to live in the present and enjoy the moments. I was too busy worrying about what’s next, constantly planning and doing…. Not enjoying the moment. So, what is the secret sauce for getting everything done, and at the same time, being present and enjoying the moment? I think we need to turn to the big guy in the red suit for that answer…. Santa Claus!!

You think your job is tough? Try delivering tons of presents around the world in one night. Not easy, BUT if anyone can do the job it is Santa. He plans his work, works his plan, and he makes the most of what he has. He understands the importance of joy that he brings to people by doing his job. They don’t call him the jolly fat guy for nothing. I think we can all take a lesson from Santa. Sure, we all have a lot on our plates, but we must remember to make the most of what we have…especially time.

We only have so much time…. Right? What we choose to do with this time is your personal choice. To be in the now we must make the most of our time. It’s good to be motivated by your ambitions for the future but dwelling on the future in any way makes you lose track of the present. It can make fun times go by more quickly, or it can fill you with a sense of dread as you anticipate things that you can’t control in the moment. Slow down each day to appreciate the way things look, sound, taste, smell, and feel. Engage with each moment fully, and eventually/hopefully we will learn to enjoy and appreciate every aspect of every moment. 

In conclusion…make your list, check it twice, but don’t forget to make the most of what you have…. Also share the milk and cookies!

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!!


Clark Willis, Regional Sales Manager – Kimal Lumber