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CLARK WILLIS, Kimal’s Regional Sales Manager, is new to this page, and he will now be adding his monthly thoughts and observations under “Clark’s Corner.” Join us in welcoming Clark’s monthly insights and feel free to contact him with any feedback!

Celebrating Women in Construction Week 2024

As we approach Women in Construction Week, observed from March 4th to the 10th, we are presented with a valuable opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate the indispensable contributions of women in the construction industry. At Kimal Lumber, we recognize that diversity is the cornerstone of innovation, and this week serves as a meaningful reminder of the vital role women play in shaping the landscape of our business.

While historically a male-dominated field, the presence and influence of women in construction continue to grow, bringing fresh perspectives and unique skills. As a building material supply company, we understand the importance of fostering an inclusive environment that embraces the diverse talents within our industry. Matter of fact, there are 41 women currently employed out of 168 total employees within Kimal Lumber. That’s 24% of our workforce. The national average in 2023 was 10.9% of the construction-related industry workforce.

This Women in Construction Week, let us take a moment to celebrate the achievements of the women who have paved the way and those who continue to break barriers. Why celebrate, you ask? Well, aside from the fact that appreciation never goes out of style, recognizing the contribution of women in construction not only highlights their achievements but also acts as a beacon for future trailblazers. Their commitment to excellence and resilience inspires us all to strive for greatness. In the spirit of a clever construction metaphor, let’s not just build structures; let’s build bridges of inclusivity and camaraderie.

After all, if we can supply the material needed for awe-inspiring homes, we can surely lay the foundation for an industry where diversity and excellence go hand in hand. To honor this occasion, Kimal Lumber will be recognizing and highlight the accomplishments of our female colleagues.

As we commemorate Women in Construction Week, let us reaffirm our commitment to creating a workplace that values and promotes inclusivity. Together, we can build not only structures that stand the test of time but also a supportive community that empowers every individual to reach their fullest potential.

Thank you for your dedication to Kimal Lumber and for embracing the spirit of Women in Construction Week.

Best regards,

Clark Willis

Kimal Lumber

Regional Sales Manager



Clark Willis

Kimal Lumber

Regional Sales Manager