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What is a Kimal Kate TIP?

A piece of information or how-to advice that is helpful to the customer, especially DIYers, remodelers, and contractors who would learn something new. The “tip” should either help them work more accurately, save money, save time, or save labor. It should make them think, “Hey, I didn’t know that” or “Hey, here’s a tip that’s useful to me.” It can advise about installation or be a product/tool.



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  • You can submit as many tips as you want, however you can only win one (1) gift card/account credit, even if Kimal Kate chooses more than one of your tips to use.
  • Kimal Kate will choose twelve (12) tips over the next twelve months from the list of submitted tips.
  • If your tip is chosen, then Kimal Kate will contact you from the information that you submitted.
  • Contest limited to Kimal Lumber customers.