FrameGuard® Total™ Mold-Resistant Wood


Kimal Lumber offers FrameGuard® Total™ Mold-Resistant Wood by Arch Wood Protection

Mold can cause problems. Homeowners worry about health issues, retailers have to exchange material or offer discount pricing, and builders and suppliers face complaints and potentially costly liability claims. But now, you can get protected wood and protect your reputation. FrameGuard Total mold resistant provides protection against mold, termites, and fungal decay in wood products used for interior applications and, with appropriate coating, for exterior trim. It is treated with a blend of anti-mold and preservative chemicals. The borate component is effective against decay and termite damage, while the fungicides protect against mold. FrameGuard Total treatment includes an additional insecticide, not part of the original formulation, which protects against Formosan termites.

Factory-applied by either spraying or dipping, the FrameGuard coating provides protection from mold, termites, and fungal decay when applied to trusses, lumber, plywood, OSB, wood I-beams, SIPs, and other wood products that are used in interior applications. FrameGuard wood is GreenSpec® listed for its low emissions.

Protection You Can Trust

Manufactured by Arch Wood Protection, FrameGuard Total treatment was developed by the same people who developed some of the best-known brands of pressure-treated wood in the industry, including Wolmanized® Outdoor® wood.

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